JRI Poland #Poland error ordering a act in Russian Langage, from Warsaw #poland

Daniel Vangheluwe <vangheluwe-smietan@...>

Dear all

I have just received the following acts >from Warsaw PSA, ordering with the
Shopping Basket System:

1 SZMETAN Moszek Josek;1875Birth;act N° 590; district VII; sign113
2 SMETAN Szymon; 1868 Death, act N° 798; age 8d.; district III; sign 30

About the second case, It appear that Szymon wad 39 years old when he died.
I was a little surprised: I believed that "8d." mean "8 days".

The acts are on Viewmate 3795 and 3796

Could someone explain to me the error?


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