JRI Poland #Poland Mlawa - The Community Committee's Protocols #poland

Ada Holtzman

Please note I have posted in Mlawa Memorial Web Site 16 protocols, out
of more than 200 which were written between 1925-1933 in Mlawa, at the
Community Committee's meetings.

It is written in beautiful Hebrew and contains names of many influential
persons of the community at those times, who run the Community's daily
and religious life.

The original protocols are held by a judge in Mlawa who refuses to give
them to the Mlawa Landsmanschaft in Israel. Thus they have only the
photocopies of the protocols.

The web site: http://www.zchor.org/mlawa/protocols.htm

Jewish Mlawa M.R.I. at: http://www.zchor.org/INDMLAWA.HTM


Ada Holtzman

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