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I am pleased to announce the availability of vital records for towns in
the Tarnow Archives beyond those years that were filmed by the Mormons.
These new records generally cover the years 1870 - 1900, with some more
recent records. The towns included in the Tarnow Polish State Archives
Project are:

Czchow Dabrowa Szczucin Tarnow Wosnicz Zabno

Most of the Tarnow indices (about twenty-three thousand) have already
been typed in by volunteers working >from lists that we acquired >from the
Polish State Archives. This is information that is not available through
the LDS films. A list of the surnames appearing in this data can now be
viewed at:


Information for the other towns must be entered by workers that we pay
at the Polish State Archives. Work there has begun on Dabrowa, and the
other towns will follow. The index for each town will be made available
in the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland web database only after its
target amount has been raised, but qualifying donors will receive their
own copy via email once they sign a database sharing agreement; they
will not have to wait until the index becomes available on-line. Once
these are on the web site you will be able to order photocopies, sent
directly >from the Polish State Archives (for a fee).

By town, this is what is needed:

Czchow - $150 for 729 Birth records ($50 to qualify)

Dabrowa - $800 for 3869 Birth records ($100 to qualify)

Szczucin - $450 for 2158 records ($100 to qualify)

Tarnow - $1700 for about 24,000 records ($100 to qualify)

Wosnicz - $140 for 641 records ($65 to qualify)

Zabno - $250 for 1104 records ($50 to qualify)

More details on the records available for these towns are at:


Remember, even before funding is complete it is possible to order
records >from the Polish State Archives for any record that appears in an
index. This capability, and the entire index file in a spreadsheet file,
are available to qualifying contributors.

Donations to JRI-Poland are tax-deductible for US taxpayers as
JRI-Poland has received 501(c)(3) status >from the IRS. Donations may be
made by check, VISA or MasterCard. Please indicate the Tarnow PSA
project, and your town(s) of interest. All of the information on how to
make a donation can be found at:


Thank you for making any contribution that you can to help us provide
this family information to you and others,

Howard Fink
Acton, Massachusetts
Tarnow Archive Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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