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Mila Begun <mmbegun@...>

I've been very fortunate in locating birth, marriage and death records
for members of my ancestral family. Now I wonder if I can ever locate
an important divorce record.

My great-grandmother and her husband were divorced somewhere near
Miedzyrzec or Parczew and he remarried. Several of my mother's cousins
are >from the second marriage, her own mother (my grandmother) is >from
the first marriage. My best guess is that the divorce occurred either
late in the 19th century or very early in the 20th.

Were divorces recorded in civil records? Were they only kept as
religious records? Would the record provide a reason for the divorce?
This is the question that fascinates my cousins and me. Where might I
start the search?

Thanks in advance. Mila Begun in New York City
Researching: GOLDBERG: Parczew, Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Deblin
BEFELER, WROBEL, GRACHNIAK: Czemierniki, Lukow, Deblin

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