JRI Poland #Poland Re an unsolicited e-mail from the Kielce archive #poland

Nachum Tuchman <nachum@...>

Dear list,

I received the following, unsolicited, e-mail >from what seems to be the
Kielce archive. The return e-mail address is as follows:

AP Kielce Kancelaria [kancelaria@kielce.ap.gov.pl]

This is the text of the e-mail:

Nasz znak: 843-34/04

Archiwum Panstwowe w Kielcach uprzejmie informuje, ze w aktach
miasta Buska z lat 1896-1950, ksiegach ludnosci stalej wystepuja wpisy
na nazwiska Aspis Aron, Aspis Josek, Icek, Klarman Szmul Lejzor,
Tajchman Hersz Josek, Techman Jozef.
Poszukiwania trwaly 3 godziny. Zgodnie z obowiazujacym cennikiem z
dnia 31 lipca 2002 roku 1 godzina poszukiwan kosztuje 15,30 USD, 1
kserokopia format A4 - 3,90 USD, 1 kserokopia format A3 - 4,40 USD,
koszt przesylki 1,90 USD, koszt wymiany czeku 2,80 USD. Dalsze
poszukiwania zostaly oszacowane na 5 godzin.
Prosimy o informacje, czy zyczy Pan sobie przeslanie kserokopii
odnalezionych wpisow oraz dalszych poszukiwan. Romana Guldon

I don't speak Polish, but did a translation on a free translation site.
The translation was rather strange, but pretty much understandable. I
am able to figure out the prices, $15.30 per hour of research (they did
3 and can do more research- I don't understand if another 5 hours, or a
total of 5 hours, although I would think the former), $1.90 handling,
$2.80 check (cheque) charge, and $3.90-$4.40 per photo copy, depending
on the size.

It seems, though, that they did research on the 3 names that I am
researching >from Busko-Zdroj, formerly in Kielce Gubernia, which are
TUCHMAN, KLARMAN and ASPIS. How they got the names is beyond my
comprehension, unless if they search the JewishGen site. Considering
the dates of research, 1896-1950, those of my father's siblings who were
born in Busko-Zdroj are conspicuously missing. Also strange is the lack
of female names.

Most of the first names I do not recognize, although there are a few
that I do recognize, and they should definitely have been alive at some
point during this time period.

I am wondering if anyone out there is familiar with this, or the sender
Romana Guldon. Is this for real, or a hoax that I should just delete
and forget about? If it's real, it may give me some new information
that I would otherwise never find.

Thanks in advance

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

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