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Porzycki Leon <leon.porzycki@...>

I do research on my family who lived in Piotrkow Trybunalski ( Poland)
in the 19 th. century and beginning 20 th.

My grand-father PORZYCKI Mosek Berel born approximately in 1862 was
maried in 1881 with GOLDRING Braun Guilta. He
has 2 sons Chil my father and Calel (Tsalel ).
I want to know in what town him and his father PORZYCKI Tsala are born.
If somebody can help me, please to send me directly a Mail.
Thanks and best regards


MODERATOR'S NOTE: The 1881 marriage record of Moszk Berek Porzycki is
in the JRI-Poland database. If you order that record, it may list the
town of birth.

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