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Kirsten Gradel <kmgradel@...>

Dear friends

LASZCZOW is located in the province of Lublin at Latitude/Longitude
50 32/ 23 43

Already last autumn the indexes for the years not filmed by the Mormons
were indexed by the JRI-Poland team in Warsaw and awaited publication as
part of JRI-Polands database. The database had 1106 entries and covered

the years 1871-75 and 1891-01.

This year another 120 indexes have been added for 1902, but
unfortunately I have not succeeded in collecting the funding needed before
JRI-Poland can publish the database.

And we still need someone to step in as CO-OP for indexing the filmed

Can we help each other? Although I have no personal family interest in
Laszczow I am, as Zamosc Archives Coordinator, very interested in seeing
the indexes for all "my" towns published in JRI-Poland's database.

SO HERE IS MY OFFER: The moment JRI-Poland has collected minimum $230
for Laszczow I will sign-up as CO-OP for Laszczow, order the 6 films
(Polish 4158, Russian 697 entries, covering 1826-69, 1876-77, 1879-82,
1884-89)and index them.

Any funds over the target will give us the opportunity to have funds on
hand to acquire future years as they become available (when the registers
are transferred >from Laszczow's Civil Records Office to the Zamosc
Archives) after they are more than 100 years old.

The pre-WWII records that will eventually become available are 1903-10,

I hope enough researchers will consider this an good offer and help
JRI-Poland to get Laszczow documented and published. If you have contact
with other researchers or family with an interest in Laszczow, please
ask them to help. If we are fast we could have Laszczow all indexed by
April 2005!

A researcher is eligible to obtain - for his personal research - the
full Laszczow PSA database and those we receive in future years if he/she
donates minimum the qualifying amount of $50 and sign a Database Sharing

If you are interested in knowing the number of occurrences of your
surname, please contact me.

Kirsten Gradel
Nyborg, Denmark
Zamosc Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
e-mail: kmgradel@dadlnet.dk

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