JRI Poland #Poland Seeking info on town of "Liveliky" #poland


I am having a lot of trouble finding a research focus and I hope
someone can help. My grandfather was born somewhere in Poland. He
orally reported his birthplace as "Siedlce, or Vertze (Warsaw) Woods".
I have looked at relevant Siedlce records and there are no persons
with his name or any close variant in those records (of which I am aware).

My grandfather's name was Jacob Bronkersch (or some soundex variant
thereof). His wife, my grandmother, Gussie Szlakman, was born in Lahishyn.
My grandfather married my grandmother in Krakow in January 1911 and by
October 1911 the family was in France, where my uncle was born. The family
emigrated to the United States in Jan. 1915.

Recently, I have discovered my grandfather's World War I draft registration
which lists his place of birth as "Liveliky." When I entered Liveliky
in the Shetl finder the closest hit I get is Lublica, which is near Krakow.
Can anyone give me suggestions as to what I might be missing in the above
regarding the location of my grandfather's birth? Since I do not speak
Yiddish (my grandfather's native tongue), could is there something in
the pronunciation of Liveliky that I am missing?

Please reply privately.

Brian Braun

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