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Carlos Glikson

Alexander Sharon replied to my message - simultaneously posted in
JewishGen's Discussion Group -, and authorized me to repeat his reply in
JRI-Poland. Here is more information regarding the website in Polish
containing different Warsaw Ghetto databases and information:

Carlos Glikson

Thanks Carlos.
Let me try to provide a translated guide through the Warsaw Ghetto website:

"Carlos Glikson" < cglikson@ciudad.com.ar > wrote
There is a Warsaw Ghetto website in Polish, at
In the main site on left hand there are four clickable picturials:

1. Miejsca - Locations
2. Ludzie - People (picture of the historian Dr. Emmanuel Ringelblum)
3. Zrodla - Sources
4. Plan Getta- Ghetto Map

Ad. 1 Locations

Alphabetically are listed streets within the Ghetto and by clicking on the
street name additional data is open.
Please note that only few streets are shown on this page. By clicking on the
word "wiecej" (more) additional hidden streets names will be visible.

By clicking for example on Mila Street there is a column that shows street
name (Mila) and the houses No.s on this street. Again there are more data on
for houses No.s hidden, please follow with page No.s. Lets now open one
address, for example Mila 18 (Leon Uris book title). Next to No. 18 click
on window "Pokaz' (show).

Upper windows say "Pokaz miejsce na mapie" (show place on the map). By
clicking on this window two maps will appear. Small map of the ghetto on the
rights show location of the street in relation to the ghetto and the larger
map on the left shows detailed ghetto map of the street and house No. 18.
This is a vectorial map and is movable, simultaneously small dot on the
general map will also move.

Next window on this page "Przejdz do wydarzen" provides descriptive text on
what has happened on this particular Mila 18 street

Ad 2. Ludzie People

Alphabetical list on many people is listed there. Again many names are
hidden. Please click on word 'wiecej' to open additional lists.
By clicking for example on the name Fajfer Sara the following information
will appear:

id 21101998082554000001
First Name Sara
Surname Fajfer
Sex F
Status rich
Biography Friend >from Pola Rotszyld groul
Source: Pola Rotszyld: "Relation 033/438; Archives of Yad Vashem"

Ad. 3 Zrodla - sources

Ad. 4 Ghetto map

Perhaps a Polish speaking member of the group may be so kind as to comment
on the basics of the website, and the types of searches - people, places,
events, advanced - included in

Perhaps Warszawa Research Group should contact site authors and initialize
discussion on translation this incredibly rich material into English

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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