JRI Poland #Poland REICHENBACH - where they came from? #poland

Ron Herrmann <ron_herrmann@...>

Recently I located distant relatives of my REICHENBACH
family branch, originally of Siedlce/Shadlitz, Poland.

Now we are debating again about the source of this
last name.

I am sure that the REICHENBACHs are named after the
place they came >from - no Jew will "choose" the name
REICHENBACH, "Rich Brook", as his last name...

There are 4 places in the world called Reichenbach:
- Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland
- Reichenbach city in Germany (Reichenbach im
Vogtland) - central Germany
- Reichenbach near Elblag in north Poland (near
- Reichenbach near Walbrzych, near Wroclaw, in
southern most part of Poland, close to the Czech

Most probable is that my family is >from one of the 2
Polish towns listed above.

Question: any records of Jews living in those
Reichenbach villages/towns?

Ron HERRMANN, Bedminster, NJ, USA
SZPEKTOR/SPECTOR, RAIZMAN >from around Siedlce, Poland

MODERATOR'S NOTE: If you search the JRI-Poland database at
www.jri-poland.org for Reichenbach, specifying a search for
Town -- Exact Spelling, you will see several indices of
Jewish records in which the town of Reichenbach is mentioned.

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