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Tom Erribe asks:

<< Can someone tell me if Danzig/Gdansk records for 1926-1935 would be
located with Polish records, Ukrainian records, German records, etc. >>

When you say "located with", what do you mean? Are you referring to LDS
microfilms? Original records?

If the former, the catalog at familysearch.org will provide many
details. If the latter, the answer is (at least partially): in Gdansk!
The PRADZIAD database of the Polish State Archives shows that the Gdansk
archive has Jewish BMD records through 1927.

For Prussian Poland, civil vital records were kept by registry offices
from 1874 onward. In today's Poland, there's limited access for 100
years after the creation of the record, which is kept at the registry
office. After that, it's moved to the archives (usually in batches
every few years).

The records were almost certainly written in German. The population of
the Free City of Danzig (1920-1939) was overwhelmingly German-speaking,
incl. most of its Jewish community. So the city government of Gdansk
would be the place to turn.

And we can *definitely* rule out Ukrainian.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ
researching Upper Silesia, mostly

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