JRI Poland #Poland Question about the 1904 Poland Industrial Directory #poland

Jean-Pierre Stroweis

Some times ago, Logan Kleinwaks and others informed on this forum about a
very valuable web resource, the 1904 Poland Industrial Directory, which can
be found on the Digital Library of Wielkopolska website at
(including a surname index on pages 16-54).

The document is written in Polish.

Today, it came to my mind that, in 1904, Poland was actually the
Kingdom of Poland, ruled by Russia, and the official language was
cyrillic Russian.

For example, Alexander Beider's "Dictionary on Jewish Surnames >from the
Kingdom of Poland" used intensively the electoral lists that were published
in Russian. Similarly, the Polish civil records are written in cyrillic from
1868 to 1918. And the 1901 Vsya Rossiya Russian Business
Directory (which also covered Poland) was written in cyrillic.

So, how comes that the 1904 industrial directory was written in Polish?
More generally, does someone know whether there is a general criteria that
indicates in which langage the documents/publications of/about Poland
were written between 1868 and 1918.

Jean-Pierre Stroweis
Jerusalem, Israel

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