JRI Poland #Poland DUDOCK who were they and where from #poland

By _OMaR_

For several years now, I have been trying to trace my
great grand parents. Supposedly they came >from the
town (shtetl?) of Chechanowtze (Chechanowietz,
Chechanovtze) in Russian-Poland, about 1867, astride
the twin provinces of Grodno and Lomze, by the Narev

I have never been able to find a town of that name and
neither have I ever located their name ( DUDOCK)
anywhere in Poland. Nor does it sound Polish. The only
place I have ever seen it was in Holland, but I've
found no connection. I also cannot find them here in
the US and am not sure if they arrived with their
family or if the cildren arrived without them.
Has anyone ever heard of that name or the town?
There are some DUDoCKS ( a few) in the US but they
don't seem to be connected to me either.
Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
Judith Truly
Dayton, OH

MODERATOR'S NOTE: If you search the JRI-Poland database
-- go to www.jri-poland.org and click on "Search Database"
at the top of the page -- for DUDOCK using the Daitch-
Mokotoff soundex system, you will find index listings for
DUDAK and DUDEK >from Bialystok and Lomza, towns not far

from Ciechanowiec.

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