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Jacob D. Goldstein <jake@...>

Fellow genners,

In an 1827 marriage record >from Siennica, both the groom's family and
the bride's family are described as earning a living >from "Paktu
Krow." The groom's family is said to be "we wsi Wola Sufczynska
zamieszkalych z Paktu Krow utrzymuianjch," and the father of the bride
is also "z Paktu Krow utrzymuiancego." He and his family resided nearby,
in Lasomin.

Does anyone know what "Paktu Krow" might mean? Could it have been the
name of an enterprise? A social program?

Siennica, Wola Sufczynska, and Lasomin are about 40 km ESE of Warszawa.

I will very much appreciate any pointers you can give me.

Jake Goldstein
Boston, USA

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