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Connie Fisher Newhan

What I know about my ggf Isaac GOLDBERG:

He was born around 1865 in Russia-Poland.
He was in Manchester, England by Dec 4, 1885 when he applied for a
Pedlar's Certificate.

Isaac and Celia FELDMAN were married in Manchester, England April 12,1886.
I do not know if he and Celia knew each other prior to Manchester. At the
time of his marriage, Isaac was a waterproof garment maker, living on
Pimblett Steet, Cheetham. Later that year they left Manchester and sailed
from Liverpool to NYC. They arrived in NYC November 26, 1886.
No place of birth is listed on the marriage certificate. He is listed on
the ship manifest as Isaac GOLBERG. His birthplace on various censuses is
listed as Russia.

His father's name on his ketuba is Shmuel Haim Halevi.
He died in 1927 in NYC. His death certificate lists his birthplace as
Russia. Isaac's parents are listed as Joe Goldberg and Hilda BLUM, both
born in Russia. Informant's name is not listed.

He is buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Ridgewood, NY in the 1 Anshe Sokolka

According to my gm Sarah Goldberg's birth certificate October 12, 1888,
Isaac's birthplace was listed as Russia. Russia was also listed as the
birthplace of Sarah's mother, Celia Feldman Goldberg. Celia was born
in Kaunas, Lithuania.

I know no other details. Birthplace, siblings, etc. I would love to have
some direction for new research. How would I check passenger lists for
England in the 1880's? Any ideas on how to check with the Anshe Sokolka
society to see if Isaac actually was >from Sokolka?

Any ideas, and direction would be gratefully appreciated.

Best Regards,
Connie Fisher Newhan (#1272)
Corona, California
ROTHSTEIN, HAMBURGER(Bedzin, Lagiza, Zarki, Poland), GERSTEN (Obertyn,
(Veliuona,Kaunas) KAHN/KOHN/COHN/CAHN, FRIEDSAM (Coln? Germany,
Pittsburgh, PA), NEWHAN/NEUHAN/NEUHAHN (Hesse Cassel, Meimbressen,
Germany, Baltimore, MD), BOHORODCZANER (Potok Zloty, Ukraine), LEVINE,

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