JRI Poland #Poland Lviv, Ukraine Archives Reported to be Closed #poland

Mark Halpern

In the May 2005 issue (Vol VI, No. 5) of "Gen Dobry," an Internet
newsletter authored by Fred Hoffman, which can be found at
http://www.polishroots.org/gendobry/gendobry_index.htm, he reports that
the Lviv Archive Closed Indefinitely (?).

The short article quotes individuals who state that the Lviv State
Archive will be closed for an indefinite period beginning May 30, 2005
and was caused by a problem with the theft of documents >from the
Archive. A press release in English can be found at
http://www.archives.gov.ua/Eng/Archives/Lviv.php, but does not refer to
the closing.

If anyone has better information, please post.

Mark Halpern

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