Yizkor- The Fate of Family Left Behind #austria-czech


This chapter of "Courage of the Spirit" examines the fate of the other
family members of the Weinberg brothers while they escaped >from Austria,
Czechoslovakia, Poland, and on to Central Asia. It concludes with an excerpt
from an essay by my father , Rabbi William Weinberg, written in the 1960's,
for the Bnai Brith "National Jewish Monthly" looking at what were the root
causes of anti-Semitism in his time .

Yizkor--The Fate of the Family Members Left Behind

What was it that the brothers had escaped?
Raoul Hilberg, noted historian of the Holocaust, the first one to apply
detailed statistical accounting to the Destruction of the European Jews, as
he titled his sweeping research of the political, economic, and military
resources brought to bear on the Jews. While it is important to note that
Nazism's victims numbered in many millions, it was the Jews that were
singled out as the prime enemy of the Third Reich and the prime target of
the largest manhunt in history. It was the culmination of a historic trend,
as he described: The missionaries of Christianity said: You have no right
to live among us as Jews. The secular rulers who followed had proclaimed:
You have no right to live among us. The Nazis at last decreed: You have no
right to live. Hilberg delineated the systematic processes of destruction:
the rollback of civil and human rights by a thousand years; the
expropriation of Jewish property; the deportation and concentration of Jews;
the killing process, first through mobile killing units and then through
killing centers.
My father had been through the loss of his civil rights, had lost his source
of income ( as the family had lost much of their finances), and had been
deported, luckily, to escape the ultimate bitterness of concentration and


Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg
email: norofra@...

The Courage of the Spirit:The story of Europe's Jewry in the 20 th =
from family accounts and documents

Reasearching Family Records of WEINBERG( Dolyna/Ukraine,
Vienna/Austria,Frankfurt AM, Germany),ZARWANITZER ( =
Lviv, Podwolochisk/Ukraine)GOTTDENKER ( Lviv, Bolekhiv/Ukraine).

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