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dayna reader <zoeys_mom@...>

since i recently found my family linked to a new town
(berzniki), and since i've had such luck with the 1
spreadhseet i've received, i'm interested in seeing if
there is a spreadsheet available for berzniki yet.

i was wondering if someone could post here a complete
list of the town spreadsheets which are currently
available, as well as the qualifying contribution
amount for each one.

perhaps this might also lead to a boon in
contributions to JRI, which could only be good, no?

dayna chalif

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The best way for a researcher to find out which
towns have been indexed (and for which qualifying contributors can
become eligible to obtain spreadsheets) is to click on the "Your Town"
feature on the JRI-Poland homepage at www.jri-poland.org and then
click on the link for the Town Leader. Also, since Town Leaders often
post messages on the JRI-Poland Discussion Group about their town's
indexing project, search JRI-Poland on the SIG List Message Archives at
http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~sigspop for
the town's name.

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