Records from Ukraine #galicia

Robert Mandelbaum

Is there an archive to which I can write for records >from Ukraine? I cannot
seem to locate on the Ukraine SIG web site any instructions for obtaining
records akin to those set forth for the respective countries under the
jurisdiction of Litvak SIG and Jewish Records Indexing - Poland. Is this
because Ukraine will not do searches for records? If it is in fact possible
to request a search for records there, does anyone know to what address I
should write, whether I can write in English, and how much money I need to
send? The particular records I am seeking pertain to four towns: Gertsa,
Stryy, Mukachevo, and Zolochev. Since my knowledge of Ukrainian geography is
poor, I am not even sure to what present-day oblasts (or is it gubernias?)
these towns belong. Any help anyone can provide on this latter issue would
also be much appreciated. I do know that at the time my ancestors lived
there, Gertsa (known then as Hertza) was in Romania; Zolochew (Zloczow) and
Stryy were in Galicia; and Mukachevo (Munkacs) was in Hungary. Should I
actually be writing to Romania, Austria, and Hungary, respectively, for these
records, or is Ukraine the right place?

Thank you very much,
Robert Mandelbaum
New York, New York

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