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Stefan Wisniowski <swisniowski@...>

Here is the gist (not a word for word translation). Hope it helps.
On 10 June 2001 a memorial was placed in Holobutow (5 km >from Stryj) in the
presence of the Lviv Rabbi, many Jewish children >from the Lviv area, leadin=
politicians >from Poland, Ukraine and Austria, and one surviving Jew still i=
Stryj, Jozef Feuer.

Dr. Zielinski is an author of a literary book "Holobutow" in Polish and
German (publisher Krakowskie Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne ISBN 83-86949-10-4).
All copies have been distributed. He then organised the placement of the
memorial, where his father - shot in the first "Aktion" in Stryj on 1 Sept
1941, is buried. The ceremony in June came about through Zielinski's
personal initiatives, aided by the non-Jewish TV producer >from Polish
Television, Marka Maldisa, who has reported objectively on Holobutow.
Please see the text at, the ceremony described at, on 1 July 2001, article "Kamien z serca" (heart from

For more info contact
Prof.Dr.Adam Zielinski
1190 Wien
fax: +43-1-36856374

I am the son of lawyer Dr Karol Rosenberg, who had chambers on 2
Krasinsgieko Street, where his family lived. If I knew the address of Urie=
Zur-Shitzer, who visited me in Vienna, I would write to him as well, but I
can not find his address and do not know if he is still alive and if so

I hope this information is helpful to you and citizens of Stryj, if any are
alive, though I do not know any of them. In any case, my book and the
memorial are a monument to the Jews murdered in Holobutow, of who there wer=
between 14,000 and 17,000 (apparently there lie buried also Jews from
Zydaczow, Morszyn, Bolechow, Skol and other small towns around Stryj.

Best regards,
Adam Zielinski

I am the webmaster for the Stryy ShtetLinks page on the JewishGen web sit=
Recently I received the email message below, which appears to contain
information relevant to Stryy. Unfortunately, it's all in Polish. Can
anyone out there either translate it for me, or at least give me the gist=
what Dr. Zielinski is trying to tell me?

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