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"Mike Kalt" wrote:

I am the webmaster for the Stryy ShtetLinks page on the JewishGen web
Recently I received the email message below, which appears to contain
information relevant to Stryy. Unfortunately, it's all in Polish. Can
anyone out there either translate it for me, or at least give me the gist
what Dr. Zielinski is trying to tell me?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Kalt
Raleigh, North Carolina
Reply to: mkalt@nc.rr.com

Follow is the text in Polish >from Dr. Zielinski >from Vienna, Austria.
Since Dr. Zielinski letter concerns other Stryj menschen, follow translation
is posted to GG.

Dear Sir,

I've obtain your email address via Internet.
I'd like to let you known that on June 10 took place erection of the
symbolic memorial stone on the execution grounds in Holobutow (5 km distance
from Stryj).
This event had an extensive coverage by Polish, Ukrainian and Austrian
media.and currently Jewish media are also preparing articles which will be
published shortly.
Lwow Rabbi took part in stone erection, many Jewish kids >from the Lwow
and VIPs >from Poland, Ukraine and Austria (my residence place) and in the
presence of the last Jewish resident of Stryj, Mr. Jozef Feuer.

I am a writer. In 1998 my book "Holobutow" in Polish and German was
published by Krakowskie Wydawnictwo
Edukacyjne ISBN 83-86949-10-4
All printing of my book has been sold, beside the fact that it has been
published in large edition
Following book publishing I have been engaged in the organization efforts of
the erection of the memorial stone in Holobutow, and I have visited
Holobutow several times.

My Father is buried there. He was shot on September 1, 1941 during First
"Aktion" in Stryj

All what happened in Holobutow on June 10, 2001 took place thanks to my
initiative and with the great assistance of the Gentile reporter Mr. Mark
Maldis >from TV Poland. TV Poland has also produced a program dedicated to
events in Holobutow.

Please refer to Holobutow text at:
www.adamzielinski.com <http://www.adamzielinski.com>
Stone Erection ceremonies in Holobutow are related at:
www.trybuna.com.pl <http://www.trybuna.com.pl>
If you require some more details please contactme at
adamzi@attglobal.net <mailto:adamzi@attglobal.net>

Street Address:
Prof.Dr.Adam Zielinski
1190 Wien
Fax: +43-1-36856374

I am the son of Stryj lawyer Dr.Karol Rosenberg, whose office was located
2 Krasinski Street where also our family has resided.

If I will be able to obtain address Mr. Uriel Zur-Shitzer, I would write to
him this information.
He visited my place in Vienna two years ago. but I have lost his address and
I have no idea if Uriel is alive and how I can contact him.

I hope that this information will meet with yours and Stryj menschen
approval and satisfaction.

In any event my book and erected stone are only two existing monuments
commemorating the memory of the murdered there Jews of Zydaczow, Stryj,
Morszyn, Bolechow, Skole and other small shtetls of Stryj vicinity. It is
estimated that between 14,000 to 17,000 Jews lost their lives in Holobutow.

Kind Regards,

Adam Zielinski


Translated by Alexander Sharon

Will someone >from Stryj menschen will help me to establish what is town
Sokolow near Stryj (Sokolow bei Stryj) is known nowadays


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