STEINER-STEVENS from Mor. Ostrava - family research #austria-czech


Dear JewishGen,

I am researching the Czech family history of my Grandfather, Frantisek
STEINER, who was born in 1914 and lived in Mor. Ostrava before WWII.
He fled >from Czechoslovakia to the UK and joined the British Army
during the war, and left the rest of his family behind. It is believed
his family perished in the holocaust. His parents names were Artur
Steiner and Hedvika Steinerov. He also married a Hanna FEDERMANN,
with parents Dr Karel Federmann and Elsa Federmannova. He had a
brother named Kurt Steiner, who was married to a Marie Steinerova and
they had a son, Hanus Steiner. It is believed all except Frantisek and
Hanna perished in the holocaust.

I am interested if anyone knows any information about them, or can be
of assistance in finding more information. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. More details can be provided if needed.

Thank you very much for your time.

Matthew Stevens
Sydney, Australia.


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