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Marc D. Machtinger <marc@...>

Dear fellow researchers:

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in translating the following
document posted on ViewMate (VM6533). The direct link to the document
is: http://data.jewishgen.org/viewmate/ALL/viewmateview.asp?key=6533

In accordance with our list guidelines, kindly reply to me directly at
marc@... rather than to the list.

Here is what I know which might be helpful: I believe it is a death
record of an "Jciek" or "Ick" or "Iciek" PULTUSKIER. I believe this
individual was my ggg-grandfather. I would like to (a) confirm that it
is who I think it is, and (b) obtain any further information >from it.
If it is the right person, it might confirm that his children were
Szulim PULTUSKIER and Riwka PULTUSKIER (and perhaps list other siblings
of whom I am not aware), that his wife was "Laia," and that his father
was Moshe (like indicating his name as Moskowicz).

What I am hoping is to learn something more, like what was his wife
Laia's maiden name or her father's name, what was Jciek's mother's name,
where and when was he born, etc. (I am hoping to eventually determine
which ancestor may have been born in Pultusk).

I thank anyone who attempts to assist me.

Marc D. Machtinger, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, U.S.A.
Email: marc@...

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