JRI Poland #Poland Poland and Danzig Business Directory 1926-7 #poland

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

I join the others in thanking Logan Kleinwachs >from the depths of my
husband's heart (it is his family that comes >from Poland).
As some have mentioned doing comparisions of 1926/7 and 1929 - don't forget
one row below is the 1923 directory.

We now have in our genealogical addressbook a collection of addresses
running >from 1910 through 1940 based on the varous directories. As stated
before in the NY library there are telephone directories for Warsaw >from
various years in the 1930's.

I believe the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw has the 1910 directory
for Warsaw. If so, is it possible to scan it into PDF and have Logan build
a OCR index? It would be a great help for filling in the blanks.

Rose Feldman

GITNER, REZNIK Litin & Kalinovka Ukraine
EPSTEIN, BOYARKSY Ruzhany, Kossovo, Mscibow Belarus
Warsaw Poland

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