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Stanley Diamond

Dear friends:

Over the years, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland supporters
have donated a number of laptop computers that have been of
great help in our indexing projects and data-checking work in

Some of these computers are now way out of date, with small
and/or failing hard disks and old (Windows 95) operating systems.
These need to be replaced. In addition, we have a need for
additional laptops.

If you have upgraded recently and have an older laptop, we
ask you to consider donating it to JRI-Poland.

Here are the minimum specs required:

Pentium 1
500 meg hard drive
CD Rom drive
Windows 98 (2000 or XP would be wonderful)
The necessary Excel software will be added by JRI-Poland.
External mouse (if available)
Carrying case appreciated, if available.

Perhaps your accountants have older computers around the
office. A few years ago we received four >from one of our
supporters whose office upgraded all their laptops. They were
stacked in a cupboard and the accountants were delighted to
see them go to good use!

If you have a personal laptop gathering dust, or your company
is upgrading and is willing to donate to a worthwhile project,
we will arrange to get it to Poland. There are a number of
researchers going to Poland in August and September.
These researchers have often carried laptops for us to
simplify to transport and keep our costs to an absolute minimum.

Don't worry if it needs a little work; JRI-Poland will take care
of that.

In accordance with US IRS regulations and JRI-Poland's 501(c)(3)
status, a US tax receipt will be issued for the current market value
of the computer.

If you can help, please contact me privately as soon as possible.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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