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My Grandparents came >from Poland to North America (Windsor, Ont.) @ 1911.
I would like to hear >from anyone who might have suggestions on how to
trace their arrival. I haven't had much luck finding their entry port,
as they came to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I found their naturalization
paper # via a Canadian website, but I'm not sure where to go to retrieve
those records...I'm sure that those papers/documents will give me some of
the necessary info I want to continue with my search for family, and I
would appreciate any help I can get.

I have tried to contact some of my family via e-mail, yet some of their
addresses are no longer active or have changed.

My grandparents' name is now FOX. I do not know what the actual spelling
was, but am told that it may be FOCKS or FUCHS. All of my dad's siblings
(6 children incl. my dad) were born in Windsor. My dad was born in 1927.
The family then moved to Detroit, MI, probably around 1930 or so. Is there
a way to retrieve a census report >from a particular state for 1930? Or is
it not available online at this time?

I know, so many unanswered questions, but my thirst for knowledge is
consuming me...lol...

Also, my father told me that his grandfather (his father's father) was
a teacher of rabbis while he lived in Poland. How do I research this?
I'm still not sure what town they lived in while in Poland, or what their
actual name was. I know this makes it more difficult, but any help or
ideas thrown my way would certainly be appreciated...

Thank you,

Jan Fox
Grandaughter of
Abraham Max Fox/Annie Nisenbaum Fox

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