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Using the EIDB, I found some of my LANGSAM relatives came >from a town
listed as TOPM. This was back in 1892. Traditionally, all of the family
originated in Galicia. I can not find this town. I looked it up in
ShtetlSeekers and WOWW. Neither had anything. Has anyone heard of this town
or know of its whereabouts?
There was, of course, no place name like that in Galicia. I suspect this is
one more case of a well intentioned but untutored volunteer unable to make
sense of the handwriting.

It is purely speculation, but looking through the list of place names
beginning with "T", I see a couple of places called Tropie. I could see
where a certain style of handwriting might seem to turn this into Topm. One
Tropie was in Strzyzow Jewish district in the Rzeszow Administrative
District. the other was in Neu Sandec

For what it may be worth

If necessary, I have posted the reference to this arrival at
I would suggest looking at an image of the original, handwritten list, not
at the transcription when trying to make sense of this.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY


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