Found: Previously unknown family #galicia

Adelle Gloger

Dear Galitzianers,

About a month ago I made an amazing discovery---A whole branch of my
husband's GLOGER family that none of us in the USA knew existed.

For some reason many years ago a cousin said that the Gloger family was
from Horodenka. True, there were many Glogers in Horodenka, and many perished
in the Holocaust. I have discovered survivors in Chicago who had found
refuge in Argentina after the War. One of my husband's cousins who lives in
the Chicago area has met these people and befriended them. However, no one
has been able to establish any family connection. My search was always
centered around Horodenka.

There is only one entry in the JGFF for Gloger >from Horodenka. The town
that I have learned is the town of origin for our Gloger family is Hadynkowce
which I have come to understand as being Kopychintsy. There is one entry for
Hadynkowce in the JGFF, and there is no connection to our family.

Now for the rest of the story...........

When my mother-in-law died in 1976 we found a letter written in 1966
addressed to my father-in-law who died in 1966, written in Yiddish. The
letter was >from a Gloger in the Bronx, NY. We had never known of any
relatives outside of the Cleveland, Ohio area. This man was without a doubt
some relative, but to what degree. Being the original 'pack-rat' I kept the
letter even though I never had it translated.

Fast forward to 1998/1999. I received an e-mail message >from someone who
had seen my name of the JG mail list, and asked if I had a relative who used
to live in the Bronx. To make a long story short, her parents were neighbors
and friends of the Gloger who wrote the 1966 letter. She put me in touch
with their son, Seymour,who was living in Florida. There has been some
correspondence, but we could not make a connection as to how we were related.
His grandfather's name meant nothing to us, and my husband's grandfather's
name meant nothing to him. I have since had the 1966 letter translated, but
it refers to people that only my father-in-law would have had knowledge of.

About a month ago I decided to do a 'place' search on the internet. ( I
usually do 'name' searches.) I entered "Hadynkowce" and I got a hit that took
me to the message board on where someone was asking about the
town. There was one reply posted in May 2001. The responder stated that his
father was born in Hadynkowce, survived WWll and was living in Santiago,
Chile. He signed his name: Sergio Gloger. A Gloger >from Hadynkowce *had* to
be a relative.

I wrote to him giving names of my father-in-law's brothers and sisters and
the names of his parents. When I received his response all I could do was
read and re-read the mail. It turns out that his grandfather, my husband's
grandfather, and Seymour's grandfather were brothers ! And it appears that my
husband's father, David, was named after *his* grandfather, Duvid. We are now
able to go back one more generation.

Sergio's father was born in Hadynkowce in 1920 after a brother was killed
in WWl.
He came to Chile in 1947 after he survived the Kamionka concentration camp
(near Tarnopol). He is now 81 years old. Because of his late birth he is of
the same generation as my late father-in-law. Their fathers were brothers.
They were 1st cousins. Without him, and the information he gave Sergio, I
doubt if any connection could have been made.

In the past month e-mail messages and photos have been sent back and forth
almost on a daily basis. (Thank goodness for the internet !) We have now
found an entire branch of the family that previously was unknown to us. By
the same token, they never knew about us. We now have family in Chile,
Argentina and Israel, as well as the USA ! We had always been lead to
beleive that all family members who remained in Europe had perished during
the War.

This, indeed, has been a very exciting month !

So, fellow Galitzianers, do not give up. You never know when something
will 'fall in your lap' when you least expect it.

Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

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