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I have again been successful in locating names through
JRI-Poland that I never thought I would find. Now I
would like to put the name out there to the list and
see if anyone sees a connection (plus, I'd like to
tell the story, because it's another JRI success

I've posted a wedding photo >from c. 1900 on viewmate
on a few occasions. My Baba, before she died, gave us
a few pieces of information regarding the bride's
family in the photo (she knew nothing of the groom's

She told us the following:
1) The family worked as leather makers and tannery
2) They lived in or around the area of Sejny, Poland
3) The bride was related to my Baba's mother, whose
They were cousins, aunts and uncles of my g-grandma
(meaning that the bride's mother was either a KANOWICZ
4) Anyone in the picture who was left alive at the
time of the Shoah was killed. (**This piece may or may
not be true. My Baba may have assumed that everyone
was killed)
5) There is a little girl in the photo and my Baba
told us her name was Sonja, and her mother (also
pictured) was Selme.
6) and finally, my Baba told us the family name of the
bride (the bride's maiden name) was KOWINOWSKI.

The other day I was looking thru the new 1929 Polish
Business Directory at JRI and scanning through the
town of Sejny for familiar surnames. The occupation of
leather/tanneries caught my eye and I noticed the
surname KAMIENOWSKI. This name seemed close enough to
KOWINOWSKI, the name my Baba had given us, for me to
wonder if perhaps we just heard her wrong and wrote
down a name that sounded more familiar. I quickly
looked on my JRI Sejny spreadsheet and there before me
was a child born to one Itta SZCZUPACKA and one Abram
Icko KAMIENOWSKI. Yet another entry for another of
their children listed Itta's father as Lejba (which
then, to me, identified her as my g-grandma's sister).
This was the connection that I'd searched for and
never thought I'd find.

I would still like to know the name of the bride
(first name), as well as the groom's family name. My
dream is to find a connection with someone and share
this absolutely beautiful photo that I've loved since
I was a little girl.

The bride would be a KAMIENOWSKA (variants;
Itta nee SZCZUPACKA (da. of Lejb & Dvora) and Abram
Icko KAMIENOWSKI. Sister to Chana Rochka (b. 1865),
Lejzer Ber (b. about 1881), and Boruch Szmujlo (b.
1875). I would estimate the bride's date of birth as
being around 1882 (if the wedding took place about

Thank you if you read this far, and please respond
privately if you see a connection.

Dayna Chalif
San Francisco, CA.

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