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Zvi Szlamowicz <zviszlam@...>

I'm looking for relatives,descendants, of my father's
family-Szlamowicz and my mother's family - Gola-
The Szlamowicz were originary >from Psysucha and later
my grandfather Hirsh moved to Lodz. I think the Gola
family is >from Danzig.

My parents met in Belgium where my sister Rachel and I
were born. My mother, Sura, was taken to Aushwitz and
perished there, my father, Abraham, was taken to
Brendoonck in Belgium and survived. My sister was
hidden in a convent and I was taken care by a Belgian

The name of my grandmother was Fraydl Gita.
Anyone who knows anything about both families please
contact: Zvi(Henri)Szlamowicz

my address: zviszlam@yahoo.com

Zvi Szlamowicz

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