JRI Poland #Poland Birth record of Faywel GEWIRCMAN - Request for translation from Cyrillic #poland

Tamar Amit <tamar.amit@...>

Dear Fellow Researchers:

I would be very grateful if someone would take a look at the following
1866 birth record >from Szczebrzeszyn, Poland. I believe it is in Cyrillic.
The JRI-Poland index indicates this should be the birth of Faywel son
of Moshe & Frieda GEWIRCMAN.

I would like to know the details in the record especially names and
places (as well as exact dates), but I would also like to obtain the
other details in the record.
Any help is appreciated.

The ViewMate file is VM6803, found at the following URL:

I can provide a higher resolution image if helpful.

Kindly reply to me privately at tamar.amit@gmail.com . Thank you.

Tamar Amit, Israel.

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