JRI Poland #Poland LDS Records for Unruhstadt / Kargowa 1817 to 1874 #poland

Geoff Kaiser <geoff_kaiser@...>

Dear Researchers,

through the excellent work of the people at the Toronto Copy Centre I will
be recieving printed copies of the LDS Films for the town of Unruhstadt (now
Kargowa in Poland - Location 52 Deg 04 Min 15 Deg 51 Min) in the coming

I am looking for people who have an interest in this town to assist me with
the large process of reading and transcribing the Birth, Death and Marriage
and Family name records in preparation for them to be loaded onto the JRI -
Poland Database.

Some preliminary previous work has identified some of the frequently
occuring names as follows:

Baumgart, Bernhold, Bamberg, Basch, Borgheim / Burgheim, Boas / Boar,
Bucholz, Cohn, Coppel, Falk, Fallek (?), Fischel, Gittman, Gabriel,
Grunpert, Hertzburg, Jablonski, Joseph, Jacobi, Judas, Lichtenstein,
Lippmann, Loeser / Loser, Loeb, Lowenstein, Levine, Lowenthal, Marcus,
Meyer, Mendel, Neubauer, Nachman, Nathan, Oppenheim, Pach
Phillips, Pincus, Reich, Riesenthal, Reitzenbaum, Schlesinger, Sigall,
Seilig, Stern, Silberstein, Samuel
Saloman, Wolf / Wolff, Wigdor, Wiener, Vogel, Zirker

Not all of the spellings may be correct, and note this is a very preliminary
list, there will be many others.

If anyone with an interest in the town of Unruhstadt or any of the above
names would like to contact we can discuss how you can help with the task.

I look forward to your support


Geoff Kaiser
Melbourne - Australia

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