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Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

We at the Israel Genealogical Society [IGS] are fairly bursting our
buttons with pride in the one day seminar [Yom Iyun] that we have
arranged for the 28th of November 2005 at Beit Hatefutzot [the
Diaspora Museum] on the Tel Aviv University campus. If you could have
one genealogical wish, wouldn't it be that you could find that
illusive document that would allow you to prove once and for all that
a tie that binds was true? We at the IGS have been feverishly working
for over a year to arrange just such a seminar that would allow you
to find the missing key.

Without fear of contradiction, I can categorically state that every
Jewish family in the world has family - known or unknown - in
Israel. Our seminar, "Family Roots in the Land of Israel and in the
World," will demonstrate what I mean. We have invited archivists >from
the smaller, but sometimes more interesting archives, to address us
with talks on their holdings. When we invited proposals, even we
didn't know details of all the treasures these archives hold, but
after reading the abstracts and talking with the archivists, it is
hard not to jump up and down with enthusiasm!

Go to our website's direct seminar access:


There you can get .pdf files in Hebrew and/or in English of the
program, the abstracts and the biographies of the speakers. See for
yourself what an incredible program we have arranged for you! >from
our opening keynote speaker on Eastern European Aliyah >from the late
1800's to 1920, to a detailed description of the microfilm collection
of the Diaspora Museum, at the close of the day, you will be
enthralled for the entire time.

One caveat: regretfully, places are limited due to the number of
seats available and we can only accept reservations on a first come
first serve basis. Early registration ends on 10 November, if there
are still places available. Registration includes coffee and cake and
a chance for a greatly discounted hot lunch, but here too, places are
limited. Please register early so you will not be disappointed. When
the places are gone, they are gone and that's it.

The registration form can be downloaded at


You are going to love this day and we are looking forward to seeing
you there!

Rose Feldman
for the Organizing Committee
Israel Genealogical Society

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