JRI Poland #Poland searching for SZMALC/SZMALTZ from Przasnysz #poland

marty <meyers01@...>

I have convincing, but not completely conclusive, evidence of a family
connection to SZMALC >from Przasnysz.

Azryel Zelman SZMALC, son of Szymka and Leia, was married to a Sura Toba
UNKNOWN, daughter of
Jciek Nosenowicz UNKNOWN.

Their married children include:
Laja SZMALC, married to Abrahm Jciek BIERNACKI.
Their son Leyzor married Halka PERELEMUTER.
Leyzor and Halka's daughter Blima married Szmul Zala BIENENFELD
and emigrated to the US.
Daughter Sura Frejda married Chuna Mosiek RYBAK
Son Szaja married Szajna Fajga RUDA
Daughter Toba married Szymek DYNER
Son Jankief
Son Dawid
Basia SZMALC married to Herszek NOWOWEZYCKI
Rywka SZMALC married to Jciek ROTSZTEJN
Jciek Dawid SZMALC married to Szyma Bejla UNKNOWN, also to Sura CHOLSZ,
also to Dwora ROZEN
Son Abram
Daughter Gitta Hinda
Judka SZMALC married to Laja ROMANER
Daughter Rajzla married to Josek Dawid ROZENBERG

If any of these names are familiar, please contact me privately at

Marty Meyers

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