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Pinkas Hakehillot is an encyclopedia with entries on the various Jewish
communities. It is not specific to Mlawa, but apparently has a Mlawa
entry. So you are back down to three books.

The 1950 book is available here:


I don't know what T327 would be.

Gary Maher

On Fri, 04 Nov 2005 00:00:18 -0500 "JRI-Poland digest"
Paul Concus writes:

Does anyone know the answer to this?

In the JewishGen.org Yizkor book listing for Mlawa there are the

(i) "Jewish Mlawa; its history, development, destruction", D.
Shtokfish, ed. (two volumes), Tel Aviv, 1984

(ii) "Pinkas Mlave", New York, 1950

(iii) "Pinkas hakehillot: encyclopedia of Jewish Communities: Poland

vol. 4: Warsaw and its region", Jerusalem, 1989.

In the Yad Vashem Library collection (as listed on JewishGen.org),
there are listed three titles for Mlawa:
T763, which corresponds to listing (i) above
T72, which corresponds to listing (ii) above.
However, the Yad Vashem third listing T327 (Yediom, Assoc.,
1966-1972) looks as if it is a different book than (iii) above.

Is it the case that there are four Mlawa books, two of which are in

both listings, the other two being in only one of the listings?

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