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Fwd on behalf of JewishGenMall Managers, Sandy & Don Hirschhorn

The JewishGenMall is very proud to offer the 3 volume set,
"Encyclopedia of Jewish Life, at an introductory price of $315 for a
limited time only. This amazing ENGLISH version is a condensation based on
the original 30 volume Hebrew edition and a project spanning 3 decades.

Edited by Shmuel Spector and the late Geoffrey Wigoder it's been
published by NYU Press in conjunction with Yad Vashem, the Holocaust
Remembrance Authority of Israel. With a foreword by Elie Wiesel, this
English edition contains 1,824 pages, more than 600 B&W photographs and
illustrations, 17 pages of maps, a chronology, a glossary, complete
bibliography, index of communities including alternate spellings
and pronunciations, and an index of personalities.

Today, throughout much of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, only
fragmentary remnants of once thriving Jewish communities can be found as
evidence of more than two thousand years of vibrant Jewish presence among
the nations of the world. Each of their stories-->from small shtetls to
large urban centers--is unique in its detail and represents one of the
countless threads that comprise the tapestry of Jewish history. The book
chronicles the people, habits and customs of more than 6,500 Jewish
communities. It clarifies precise locations of settlements based on
documents and maps found in recently opened archives and traces their
development through history. Its stories and numerous photographs share
small details of everyday life-the culture, politics, and faith that
inspired the people- putting faces on the immeasurable loss suffered by our

Available for *immediate* delivery throughout the United States and Canada
at <http://www.jewishgen.org/jewishgenmall> As soon as it is available for
delivery outside the U.S and Canada we will advise on these discussion
groups and mailing lists. We do expect to be able to list it for overseas
shipment shortly.

This three volume English edition is a must for libraries, JGSs and will
probably be one of the most important books in your personal
collection. To read more about it please visit
<http://www.jewishgen.org/jewishgenmall> .click on "Browse Mall," select
"Books," scroll down to "Holocaust and Resistance" and the title will be
listed. Just click on the title for further information.

Sandy and Don Hirschhorn
Managers, JewishGen Mall

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