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Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has indexed the vital records for the
Tarnopol and Skalat administrative districts as a part of the indexing of the
vital record holdings of the AGAD Archives in Warsaw. The records included

Tarnopol -- births: 1866-1876, 1878-1899; marriages: 1878-1899; deaths
1870-1876, 1878-1892, 1894-1899

Skalat -- births: 1859-1896, 1898-1899, marriages: 1877-1899; deaths:
1859-1897, 1899

The JRI-Poland database of 19th Century vital record indices can be searched
at <>. Search for EBERMANN using
Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex and set "Province" to "Ukraine," which will result in
only AGAD record indices being displayed.

You will find:

1. 1879 Skalat Death of Mina EBERMANN, wife of Aba
2. 1880 Skalat Marriage of Maximilian EBERMANN, born 1851, son of Aba and
3. 1880 Skalat Birth of Mina EBERMANN, daughter of Maximilian
4. 1883 Tarnopol Birth of Anna EBERMANN, daughter of Maximilian

More genealogical information is likely to be found on the actual record,
which can be ordered >from the AGAD Archives using the online order form which
is linked to the search results page. Just click on "Click here for more
information" at the bottom of the Search results and follow the instructions.

I hope this is helpful in your search. If you would like more information on
the AGAD project or are interested in supporting this project, please see our
web site at <> or contact me.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

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is anybody familiar with the important family of bankers and later doctors?
Aba EBERMANN moved around 1870 to Vienna and died here. He had one brother
Meschulim EBERMANN and one sister, who was married to a unknown
TRACHTENBERG. They all must have been quite rich people.

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