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Abuwasta Abuwasta

I reported in the past that I located at the Auschwitz
Museum website a certain Hermann KOENIGSBUCH
(1912-142) >from Michalovce.

I had no idea that the KOENIGSBUCHs who hail from
Brzesko, Galicia had an extension in Slovakia. The
Michalovce Yizkor book does mention a KENIGSBUCH
family(father,mother+3 children without given names).
Today I was informed by the Rabbi of KOSICE
that in Michalovce there is a grave of Chayah
Koenigsbuch, daughter of Isser and wife of Joseph
Koenigsbuch who died in Purim 1934.

Since it is winter there at the moment it is difficult
to get a photo of the tombstone and try to get more

If Chaya bat Isser >from Michalovce rings a bell I'll
be glad to hear >from you.

Regards >from Jerusalem,
Jacob Rosen

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