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Errol Schneegurt

Zniesienie, is a name not easily pronounced, however their archive could
be a treasure trove of information for any researcher doing work in the
Lviv area of the Ukraine. Zniesienie is located 2.5 miles North East of
Lviv and its proximity to the city can be seen on the 1938 street map of
the city of Lviv, on the Lviv Area website

What makes this repository so important and exciting is that there are
records there that encompass several of the smaller shtetls around Lviv.

I had been under the impression that all of the records for the residence
of the city of Lviv were housed in the Lviv archive. I have since found out,
through my own research that the Lviv archive does not always have the
records for all the residence of that city.

A case in point- I found a reference to the civil record of the marriage
of my great grandparents on the birth record of my grandfather. Both my
great grandfather and grandmother lived in Lviv; however the marriage was
recorded in the marriage records of Zniesienie.

The cost to have all of the records recorded in the JRI-Poland databases
is about $3,000. This is a small price to pay to reap the rewards that this
project may hold. If all those that intend to search out the records in
individual archives that you think the data is housed it would be far
better to spend those funds building this data base so that all researchers
can reap the same rewards.

Here are some of the shtetls that the archive addresses.

Bilohorszcze, Brzuchowice, Domaszer, Dublany, Grzeda, Grzybowice,
Hamulec, Holosko Male, Holosko Wielkie, Kaltwasser, Kamienopol,
Kleparow, Kosciejow Kozice, Krzywczyce, Kulparkow, Laszki Murowane,
Malechow, Persenkowka Prusy, Rudno, Rzesna Polska, Rzesna Ruska,
Sichow, Signiowka, Sroki Lwowskie Wulka, Zamarstynow, Zarudec,
Zaszkow, Zawadow, Zboiska, Zielow, Zimna Woda Zimno Wodka,
Zniesienie, Zornska, Zydatycze

The AGAD records are as follows,

BIRTHS- 1871 - 1903 approx. 10,000 records
DEATHS- 1877 - 1903 approx. 4,500
MARRIAGES - 1872, 1877-1878, 1882-1884, 1886-1904 approx. 1,200

It would be great if we could fund this project before the year is out
so another light can be lit in memory of those that passed before us. Do
it as a Chanukah gift to our families

Contributions to this and other JRI-PL projects are tax deductible in
the US and Canada,

For $75 donation or more, you will be eligible to obtain an Excel file
of the indices before they are placed online.

The indexing cannot start until 75% of the funds to complete the
project are collected.

Errol Schneegurt- JRI-Poland town coordinator


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