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Joyce Field

I posted this message a month ago but as we are getting closer to our
launch we are still encountering numerous problems with the
submission of data. Therefore, it seems worthwhile to repeat the

Greetings to everyone who is so graciously helping collect data for
the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR). We appreciate
your hard work! However, as we prepare the data for our launch, we
are running into several data entry problems. So we're taking the
liberty of putting them forth in this forum, in the hope that some of
you who are collecting data will see this message and make sure your
information conforms to our required template. This will save us
hundreds and hundreds of hours in manually correcting data--and in
some cases will save the data itself. Ernie Fine, Technical
Coordinator, thanks you in advance, and urges that you get in touch
with him at <> if you have any questions or
concerns about technical issues.

Specifically, here are some cautionary notes:

1) Column headings: please use the EXACT wording as shown on the
template. In fact, use the template!
(template guidelines are at
2) Dates. Please, please, please put all dates in dd-mmm-yyyy format.
This is critical! Dates should look like this: 03-Sep-1876. Note the
leading zero on the day, the three-character month, and the 4-digit
year, and the separation by hyphens. If only a month and year are
known, use "Sep-1876" as the date. If only the year is known, just
use the year. Please do NOT put extraneous information in the date
fields, such as "about." If comments are needed, put them in the
comments field.

3) It is extremely important that date fields be defined as TEXT, not
dates. We have been running into date conversion issues, especially
for those using MAC computers rather than PCs.

4) Locations: please use the MODERN name of a town, and for the USA,
the standard state abbreviation.

5) Extraneous information: we have received many spreadsheets with
comments added on additional lines, with extra columns of
information, with fancy formatting, macros, colors, etc., all of
which have to be edited out, manually. While we appreciate and
understand the work that has gone into creating these, we would
prefer to receive just the data described in the template and
template instructions.

Feel free to contact Harriet Brown, Administrative
Coordinator<> if you have questions about general
procedures and forms.

We are all working hard to get the data ready for the launch and we
want you to know how much we appreciate all your efforts. Without
you this project cannot become a reality.

Joyce Field

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