Re: Alternatives to Ellis Island #galicia

Leslie Gyi <lgyi@...>

My GMs family came to the US in 1902. Born in Poland, last residence of
Romania (fresco painter), arriving on a ship >from South Hampton England
(cheapest passage to the US).

Per my GM, her father had been hired in Europe to go to St. Louis to paint
for the World's Fair, and was reporting for work. They did not go through
Ellis Island. Instead they walked ashore >from the ship bypassing Ellis
Island. I am not even sure if they intended to stay when they first

Leslie Gyi nee FEIG
Researching FEIGs Anywhere
GOLDENBERGs/GILDENBERGs in Carpathia & Poland
HAJNIKs/HAYNICKs in Poland & Ukraine

What does anyone know about how one might have entered America in the
1900 to 1913 timeframe, without going thru Ellis Island?

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