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Asparagirl <schreier@...>

Lee Bothast <> wrote:

I'm researching family >from Kalush, near Ivano-Frankivsk and am having =
difficulty locating where vital records are stored for this town. Miriam =
Weiner's book lists only Land Records as being available. Does anyone =
know if there are more records available for this town and where they =
might be kept?
Kalush (also spelled Kalusz, but not to be confused with a similiar-sounding
name in Poland) is a town that I'm interested in, too. I have a copy of
the Yizkor book (or most of it, anyway) Xeroxed >from the copy that's at
the New York City Public Library. I'm in the process of transcribing the
Yiddish necrology list to be put online. Don't know about other kinds of
records, though- hopefully some exist!

- Brooke Schreier
New York, NY (back >from Philadelphia, PA)

Searching (in Kalush/Kalusz): SCHREIER, GELOBTER
Searching (in Nadvorna/Nadvornaya): SCHREIER, DAVID
Searching (in Kolomea/Kolomyya): SEGENREICH, BARASH, ZWORN/ZWIRN

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