Re: Village of Kalush #galicia


Hi Lee...

My family (OPPENHEIM, KNIPPEL) emigrated >from Kaluusz/Kalush to the US
between 1893-1901 approx.

Check page 24 of "Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A Reference Guide",
by Suzan F. Wynne. Genealogist, "Alexander Dunai has located a register of
births >from Kalusz for 1830-1850".

I have used his services and reached him at [email omitted].

By the way, which surnames are you researching? Who knows, maybe they show up
on the copies of the few pages he sent me which had my surnames on them.

...Joe <>

[please contact Joe privately for the researcher's email address - Mod]

<< I'm researching family >from Kalush, near Ivano-Frankivsk and am having =
difficulty locating where vital records are stored for this town. Miriam =
Weiner's book lists only Land Records as being available. Does anyone =
know if there are more records available for this town and where they =
might be kept?

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