Re: Village of Kalush #galicia

Leslie Gyi <lgyi@...>

I am not personally familiar with Ivano-Frankivsk, having no ancestors >from
there, hence only driving through and snapping a few photos on a drive >from
Bucovina to trans-carpathia, but my Ukrainian researcher would probably
know. He is fee-for-service, but has yielded me extraordinary results on my
research in trans-carpathia, and I do know that he spends a fair amount of
time in the Ivano-Frankivsk archive due to client demand, and has a good
relationship with the director there. If you are interested, send me email

Leslie Gyi
Researching FEIGs anywhere
POLAKs/POLlAKs/POLLACKs in Carpathia & Poland
GOLDENBERGs/GILDENBERGs in Carpathia & Poland
HAJNIKs/HAYNICKs/HEINICKs in Poland & Ukraine

I'm researching family >from Kalush, near Ivano-Frankivsk and am having =
difficulty locating where vital records are stored for this town. Miriam =
Weiner's book lists only Land Records as being available. Does anyone =
know if there are more records available for this town and where they =
might be kept?

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