Re: Village of Kalush #galicia

Stefan Wisniowski <swisniowski@...>

Hi Lee
What kind of records are you looking for?
My family was >from Wojnilow, close by to Kalush (a fair-sized town, not a
village). I would like to research land records >from early 1900s - can you
tell me the source for that?

Here are some references for you from

See also

"When writing to Archives in Ukraine, include two IRC (International Reply
Coupon) available >from your local post office. If their reply is negative,
they can send you a reply using your return postage.

If they have found some information for you, they will bill you for their
fees and disbursements. These Archives are in the same situation as the rest
of the country. There are times that they cannot afford to pay for some
things that they need to operate as a business. Not all have working
photocopy machines or other supplies.

The following addresses are transliterated into Roman letters. They would
have to be placed on an envelope in this way plus in Cyrillic, and your
letter should be written in Cyrillic."

Central State Historical Archives in Lviv, Ukraine
Tsentralnyi Derzhavnyi Istorychnyi Arkhiv
290008, Lviv - 8
pl. Soborna 3-a
Tel/Fax: (0322) 72-35-08
State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine
Derzhavnyi Arkhiv Ivano-Frankivskoi oblasti
284000, Ivano Frankivsk
vul. Sahaidachnoho 42A
Tel: (38-03422) 63403
State Archives of Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Derzhavnyi arkhiv Lvivskoi oblasti
290006, Lviv
vul. Pidvalna 13
Tel: (0322) 72-00-30
Good luck,

Stefan Wisniowski

I'm researching family >from Kalush, near Ivano-Frankivsk and am having =
difficulty locating where vital records are stored for this town. Miriam =
Weiner's book lists only Land Records as being available. Does anyone =
know if there are more records available for this town and where they =
might be kept?

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