Ellis Island Database FAQ & Tips - Now available at JewishGen! #galicia

Elise Friedman <elise@...>

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I'm happy to announce that an Ellis Island Database FAQ & Tips has been
posted on JewishGen as an InfoFile!

The EIDB FAQ is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions
that have been seen on the JewishGen Discussion Group and the SIG mailing
lists. There are also some excellent tips to help you with your searches.

The direct link to the FAQ is

You can also get to the FAQ >from the JewishGen homepage. Click on
InfoFiles (under Learn), then click on either Immigration (under Topics)
or United States (under Countries). Then click on Ellis Island Database
FAQ and Tips.

The FAQ will be updated >from time to time. If you have corrections or
additions, please email me directly at elise@chatsystems.com. However,
please continue to send requests for help to the appropriate mailing
lists. This will enable other readers to benefit >from your question and
the response and will also save my inbox >from becoming a mountain of
email. ;-)

Many thanks to Dena Abrams, Steve Morse and Edward Rosenbaum for reviewing
my drafts of the FAQ and providing valuable comments and information!

Elise Friedman
Columbia, Maryland

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