JRI Poland #Poland re: Manasse ben Yaakov Wolf KRAKOWSKI - Kalisz, Wielun, Lodz region? #poland

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Jim Bennett >from Haifa wonders where the descendants
of his KRAKOWSKI family >from the Lodz region have
disappeared to. Manasse KRAKOWSKI was born in Kalisz
in 1828 to parents Yaakov Wolf KRAKOWSKI and Hadasse
RODZIKOW. In 1854 Manasse came to nearby Wielun and
married Hanna MOSKOWICZ >from Jim's family, but they
didn't settle in Wielun, because no children were
subsequently born there.

I have found the following buried in Vienna - they
could be descendants:

Krakowsky Abraham aged 21 died 21.11.1911
ZENTRALFRIEDHOF Gate 1 Group 19 Row 53 Grave 48A
Krakowsky Alter aged 24 died 24.03.1918
ZENTRALFRIEDHOF Gate IV Group 4 Row 28 Grave 72
Krakowsky Freide Ruchel aged 22 buried 26.11.1884
ZENTRALFRIEDHOF Gate I. Group 8 Row 24 Grave 10

NB: Chrakowsky alternate spelling for Abraham given

Celia Male [U.K.] but currently in Jerusalem

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