JRI Poland #Poland finding lost Polish relative #poland


Does anyone know how I would go about finding someone who is probably a
relative >from Poland who lived in Israel in 1956? I just found a page
of testimony on Yad Vashem website submitted by a survivor named
"Yaakov Gafni". Does anyone know if he has living relatives in Israel
or elsewhere? Unfortunately, I don't know any Hebrew so this is
difficult for me to research.

Robin B. Seidenberg

BRENNER, ERLICHMAN-Kamenets Podolskiy area (Zinkov, Proskurov, etc.)
BOGOSLOWSKY-Stavisht, Kiev, Ekaterinoslav
WANIEWSKI, WYRZYKIEWICZ- Bialystok-Tykocin area (Lomza gubernia)

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The Israel Genealogocal Society has volunteered
to field inquiries regarding submitters of Pages of Testimony and
try to provide as much help as possible: Go to
http://www.isragen.org.il/NROS/Research/YVS.html for more information.

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