JRI Poland #Poland JRI-Poland appoints Area Shtetl CO-OP coordinator for Prussian Region #poland

Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is pleased to announce that Roger Lustig
of Princeton, NJ has become the Prussia Area Shtetl CO-OP coordinator.

Roger is uniquely qualified to take on this role. Fluent in German and
very knowledgeable about all Prussian records, Roger has not only already
indexed many German-language LDS films for JRI-Poland, but has also
previously handled quality control responsibilities for the work of many
other volunteers in this area.

Anyone with an interest with an interest in joining the JRI-Poland team
to be proofreaders or to index records for their towns in the former German
areas of Poland is urged to contact Roger at: julierog@ix.netcom.com

There are two main sources for Jewish records in the vital records of
the former German area of Poland.

Jewish only records
There are LDS (Mormon) microfilms of Jewish vital records for more than
240 towns in the former German territories. Indexing these records is a
key component of JRI-Poland's goal to provide indices of all of the
records in the more than 2000 LDS microfilms of Poland and places now
or formerly in Poland. Roger's primary efforts will be concentrating
on these records.

Mixed Jewish and non-Jewish Civil Records
There are many hundreds of microfilms that cover the years >from 1874 -
ca. 1883 mixed vital records (Jewish and non-Jewish). Experienced and
skilled researchers would be required for the indexing of this effort.
If you are interested in working on these records, contact

The later civil records, ca 1884 to 1905, are in various branches of
the Polish State Archives and are being indexed as part of the PSA
project for each of the branches. More information about the records
for yourtown(s) may be found in the Polish State Archive PRADZIAD database
at: http://baza.archiwa.gov.pl/sezam/pradziad.eng.php

Hadassah Lipsius
Associate Director
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland

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