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Mark Halpern

There is no special authorization needed to visit any branch of the
Polish State Archives or use any of their collection that is available
to the public. However, since you have limited time at the Archive, you
should contact the Archive branch you plan to visit and tell them when
you are coming and what record collections (Fond, Signature) you plan to
use. Many of the Archive branches do not have adequate room to store all
their collection in site. To make sure the records will be available to
you, it is definitely best to plan a ahead and let the Archive know what
you want to see and when.

The Galician vital records up to 1905 that are available at the Archives
are written in either German or Polish. It is best to visit the Archive
with a translator experienced with these records. Also, in some of the
smaller Archives, the staff may not speak English. If you do go without
a translator, the information in the JRI-Poland database ( Town, Fond,
Signature, Year, Type, AKT) will be sufficient for the you to order the
register or microfilm and find the record.

For the Rzeszow Archive, please refer to their website at
http://www.rzeszow.ap.gov.pl/ for contact information. Click "Osrodek
Badania Historii Zydow" >from the menu. This is the webpage for "The
Jewish History Research Centre." Email addresses can be found by
clicking "Kontact" >from the menu. The Rzeszow Archive website is only in
Polish, but many other Archives have English language websites. See the
Polish State Archives English website at
http://www.archiwa.gov.pl/?CIDA=43 for more details.

The Rzeszow branch of the Polish State Archives is housed in the former
headquarters of the Jewish Community and just next to the "mala" or
small Synagogue of Rzeszow.

You can definitely acquire copies of Jewish vital records that are
indexed in the JRI-Poland database when you visit the Archive. The cost
of a record acquired through JRI-Poland order processing system is $10
US per record, which includes the cost of the copies, the cost of
registered airmail delivery, and the cost to convert US Dollar payments
to Polish Zloty. Each Archive branch sets their cost for record copies
(they charge by the page), but the cost of walking in and acquiring
copies will be less than $10 for records that are one or two pages. For
Rzeszow, just click on "Cennik" >from homepage to see their schedule of
fees (in Polish).

JRI-Poland volunteers run the order process for the benefit of the
Polish State Archives and the researcher. Fees for copies are set to
equal the actual cost of the process as closely as possible. The Polish
State Archives benefit by receiving payment in Polish Zloty by direct
bank-to-bank transfer and by dealing with only JRI-Poland. The
researcher benefits by being able to pay in US$ using personal checks or
credit cards and having JRI-Poland intercede when problems occur (which
is seldom).

Mark Halpern
Order Processing Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
Searching for Karpf, Spitz, Rab, Beller, Feit in Galcia - I have just
found an incredible number of listings in the database for what
definitely appears to be my relatives.

My daughter will be in Poland this summer and would like to be able
to go to the Polish State Archives to obtain copies of the original
document (rather than order the documents). The documents are in
Lwow Wojewodztwa / Rzeszow Province (records in Fond 990 in Rzeszow

With that information and the names and the Akt#, how difficult is it
to find the document? Anything special that she needs to do to have
permission to search?

J Roth

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